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All your investments in a single sheet

µFunds lets you import your asset NAVs and other attributes from Morningstar and other data sources to your spreadsheet by using a simple function. Combined with the Google Finance function, you will be able to view all your mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, bonds, pension plans... in a single spreadsheet.

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Table of contents

Installing µFunds

Learn how to install µFunds for the first use and activate the add-on for the following uses.

Usage and examples

Get started with the basics of µFunds syntax or just copy and personalize one of the examples.

Compatibility list

Check the complete list of verified assets, countries and sources compatible with µFunds.

How µFunds works

Want to know how µFunds works? Learn all the process to get and process the data you ask for.


Having problems? Check our list of common problems or open an issue and we'll try to help!

Privacy policy

If you are concerned about your privacy, don't miss our explanation on how we respect your privacy.

Complete guides

Saving a history of µFunds data automatically

Avoid losing daily values after an update by saving them in a separate sheet, using a Google Apps Script function and a time-driven trigger.